West Maui Road Trip

West Maui Road Trip

West Maui is an amazing part of the island with beautiful beaches, cool towns, amazing views, and towering lush mountains. We put together an awesome loop with the perfect West Maui road trip, customizable to what sounds fun for you!

We'll run through the stops in order to tell you a little bit about why each one is a good place to pull off and explore. There is so much to do along this loop that you may have to tackle it in two or three days if you want to do it all! Otherwise, pick a few from these options to make the perfect West Maui road trip!

1. Olowalu : A Road Side Stop and Magical Water

West Maui

If you're starting from South Maui and headed northwest, Olowalu is one of the first places you'll drive past. This stretch of oceanfront runs right alongside the highway and is absolutely breathtaking with bright turquoise, crystal clear water. You can enjoy the views from the road or park along the street and hop in to snorkel. Past the ocean is an awesome roadside stop. You can grab a delicious pie from famous Leoda's, take a butterfly garden tour, or get some fresh grown fruit or local snacks from the outdoor market.

2. Lahaina : Our Favorite West Maui Town

Lahaina west maui

Lahaina is one of the must-do stops on your West Maui road trip! This oceanfront town runs along Front Street with a variety of shops, galleries, and restaurants. Sit and relax under the incredible banyan tree or eat a meal sitting right next to the waves. Lahaina has so much to do that you could easily spend the entire day in this town alone.

3. Kaanapali : High-End Resort Beach

Kaanapali is a resort area a little ways past Lahaina. The beach here, Kaanapali Beach, is an exceptional one mile beach that borders the upscale resorts. You can walk along the Kaanapali Beach Walk, dine by the ocean, swim in the beautiful water, or cliff jump off of Black Rock among other things. This luxury area is a fun place to explore around.

4. Kapalua : Serene Location With Beautiful Views

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Kapalua is the last place on the West side before it turns more rural. This area offers a laid-back lux lifestyle with resorts, world-class restaurants, champion golf courses, a variety of shops, and spectacular oceanfont setting. Some of the best beaches here include Kapalua Bay, Oneloa Beach, and DT Fleming Beach. If you're looking for a spectacular ocean walk, check out the Kapalua Coastal Trail.

5. Honolua Bay : West Maui's Best Snorkeling

If you want to snorkel, this is your best place to stop on your West Maui road trip. Honolua Bay has exceptionally clear water with an expansive reef and a variety of tropical fish. On the walk to this beach, you'll wander through a lush green forest that makes you feel like you're in the jungle.

6. Nakalele Blowhole : A Truly Unbelievable Feature

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You have to stop at the Nakalele Blowhole while driving around West Maui. Giant bursts of water blast up to 30 feet out of the lava rock. Waves are channeled into an underwater cavern, where the force shoots the water out of a hole in the rock. It's a short walk down to the blowhole, but bring some sturdy shoes because it's quite rocky.

7. Oceanside Cliffs : The Best West Maui Views

west Maui road trip

One of our favorite parts of the drive around West Maui is the incredible ocean cliff views along the drive. This rural scenic drive meanders along the coast. Virtually every pull off has a breathtaking view that will leave you speechless. This road is such a fun place to cruise along slowly and make frequent stops to soak it all in.

* Be cautious as you drive. The road will become very narrow with only enough room for one car, but it still caters to two way traffic. Be careful coming around turns and hills for oncoming traffic.

8. Waihee Ridge : An Exceptional Hike and View

west maui mountains

After you pull a little ways away from the coast, you'll be right next to the massive, lush West Maui Mountains. If you're interested in this incredible view above, you'll want to hike the Waihe'e Ridge Trail. The whole trail is beautiful, and challenging, but the best view from the above photo is just under a mile into the trail at a viewing platform.

9. Wailuku: A Quaint Mountain Town

Wailuku is the last stop on this West Maui roadtrip. The town itself has a few restaurants and shops that can be fun to check out. Just past town is Iao Valley, a stunning valley through the towering green mountains. Iao Valley is another must-do place when you're touring West Maui, but it's easy enough to get to again on another trip. As you're finishing the loop, you'll drive past the Maui Tropical Plantation. There is a great restaurant, coffee shop, and store here which is a great way to finish off your road trip!

We hope you found some fun things to do for a road trip in West Maui on this list! There is so much to do in this amazing part of the island and you're bound to fall in love with it! Whether you want to visit towns, go to beaches, hike in the mountains, or just enjoy incredible views, there is something for everybody on this list!

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