Best Coffee Shops In Kihei and Wailea

It can be challenging to find the perfect coffee shop while in a new place. Whether you're looking for a delicious coffee or a good place to work, we've got you covered. We put together the best coffee shops in Kihei and Wailea, so you know where to get your caffeine fix.

1. Akamai Coffee

Best tasting coffee, good vibes

Akamai Coffee

When it comes to delicious, rich coffee, Akamai Coffee is certainly one of the best options for coffee in Kihei and Wailea. Akamai's high-quality beans, and a rich flavor make their coffee stand out. They have a variety of types of brews and many unique flavors for their espresso drinks. Additionally, Akamai has a fantastic food menu, making it a great all-around cafe.

Wailea Location: The Wailea location is small on the inside, with just an ordering counter. Outside, there is a beautiful patio with vibrant green plants. This location is in the heart of Wailea, in Wailea Village. It's a spectacular setting with expansive views and lush landscaping all around.

Kihei Location: Akamai's Kihei location is a bigger space with ample indoor seating. There isn't a scenic place to sit outside, but the indoor space is beautifully decorated with lots of plants.

As a heads up, Akamai does not have wifi. Akamai is a wonderful coffee shop to enjoy a fantastic coffee, but bring a friend or a book instead of your laptop.

2. Java Cafe

Amazing atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating

When it comes to atmosphere, Java Cafe is one of the best coffee shops in Kihei and Wailea. It is adorable on the inside with tons of windows, cool lighting, and a very welcoming feel. On hot days, it's pretty nice to enjoy the air conditioning inside this cute cafe. There is also an outdoor seating area that's shaded with many tables.

Their coffee is awesome, and they have a comprehensive breakfast and lunch menu. Most meals come with fresh flowers on top, which makes for the perfect instagram picture! Their fresh pastries are also phenomenal.

Java Cafe is a great place to enjoy a meal or sit and get some work done. They do have public wifi, but it can be a bit on the slow side. This cute cafe is a must-visit coffee shop in Maui!

3. Da Green Coffee Bar

Beautiful oasis in garden center

Da Green Coffee Bar

Da Green Coffee Bar is one of the coolest coffee shops in Kihei and Wailea. This not-so-hidden gem (the outside is painted bright green!) sits within a tropical garden center. You can grab your coffee and wander around the garden or find one of the tables amid the greenery. In addition to coffee, Da Green also has fresh-made pastries and a few toast menu items. The toast is fresh sourdough baked right across from the coffee shop.

If you like sitting outside in a peaceful setting, Da Green Coffee Bar is going to be your favorite coffee shop in Kihei. The garden around the cafe is so serene and makes you want to stay all day!

4. Kraken Coffee

Great coffee on the go

Kraken Coffee is a food truck coffee bar. Their coffee is exceptional, and they have some fun tropical flavors, like their Pina Colatte, a pineapple and coconut latte. There is an outdoor seating area by the food truck, but it isn't the most scenic. You're best off taking your coffee to one of the beaches down the road and enjoying it there!

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite coffee shops in Kihei and Wailea. Whether you're looking for great outdoor setting, indoor space to work, or simply a delicious cup of coffee, we know you'll love one of these coffee shops! 

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